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Howdy. This is meant to be my fun weird goofy-around corner of the web. Give myself a break from wearing a "professional" hat. In addition Web 2.0 and 3.0 exhuasts me and I want a change up lol

SYOUT specifically is a headworld/paracosm I've been building and shaping for ages. Its mostly my toybox of things I use for personal enterntainment and processing difficult things in a safe, controlled enviroment. Here's just a place where I let folks take a peek if they wish. To access that, head on back to the Index portal. Well, whenever that's ready.
If you find creaturefolk, moody strange places, occult undertones, so on, well, here you go.
If you wanna chat, I lurk the in the lounge every so often over on my personal site

UPDATED: 05.22.2022

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